So I absolutely must pimp my friend Mary’s artwork.  Her work consists of stencils made up of words and letters and numbers you would normally see in all that junk mail you usually delete. She took that spam and made art out of it. I can’t tell you how much in love with these pieces I am. Every piece has its own personality. This is from the artist herself:

“Each piece is 8″x8″ and created with stencils of some sort and spray paint.

The theme for this series is spam mail. Each stenciled phrase is a spam mail heading. I could go really deep in my explanation, but I can also say that I’m a type junkie and using random spam mail kept me from being too biased in the letters that I chose.”

The show is at the Plowhaus Cooperative Art Show on Saturday, June 7 from 6-10pm in Nashville. She will be selling the artwork as well.