I read a great article yesterday about what life is really like for recent grads trying to get into the business. I found it through this great site that I’ve never heard of, but am now way excited to learn about – Graphic Design Forum. It has some great resources and advice, including this article. AJ Kandy, the author of the article, basically says that graphic design is more of a craft than an art, with the real advantages coming later in life and career.

“What we do is more akin to a craft or profession, and in a craft tradition, a lengthy apprenticeship, lifelong learning, and becoming a mentor to others are all par for the course. But it also implies no instant rewards.”

This makes good sense. Especially with our economy the way it is, young designers can’t expect high salaries for their first, second, maybe even third job. I for one understand the brilliance of those that have worked in the field for a long time, and I know that they get paid what they do because they have earned it. I can only hope that one day I will have the opportunity to work with many of these people and earn my place as well. Until then, I’ll keep working hard and loving what I do.