I came across this amazing site yesterday, through my favorite monthly magazine, Skirt. Art House Co-op in Atlanta is a brilliant place run by two artists who wanted art to be appreciated-and made-by everyone. For a small entry fee of anywhere from $13-$16, they send you materials for different projects. You complete the project, send it back, and they display it (sometimes even nationwide). 

I’m currently enrolled in “the canvas project” and “stuff your stories in a sack”. I can’t convey how excited I am about this. Finally a chance to get back in to self-expression and my own art. And deadlines, too! I have to make myself create art.

This is a great outlet for artists who wish to get back into the art scene without having to go through judges and competitions. Community art is what brings art to the people. Everyone can paint a canvas or fill a sack. That’s the beauty of this field, and the beauty of what Art House Co-op is.