I came across this great site this afternoon while browsing for jobs:

10 Great Places to Find Graphic Design Jobs

These links are fantastic because they take you to sites that are specifically designed for finding jobs in our field. And unlike HotJobs, Monster, or CareerBuilder, you won’t get results back saying “WORK FROM HOME AND GET PAID $$$$$!!1!1”

That seems to be the hardest part about hunting for a graphic design job. You can’t look up just “design,” because you’ll get all sorts of construction/architectural/medical field listings. And when I looked up “graphic” today I got a listing that popped up just because it had the word “geographical” in it.

The great things about these websites include:


  • search by experience – I don’t know how many times I’ve been excited about a job just to find out at the bottom of the listing that you need to have 10+ years experience.
  • search by field – web designer, HTML expert, film editor, production manager – you can narrow your art search by which field you specialize in. And you can weed out all the copywriting jobs that you know you don’t have experience in.
  • create a portfolio – sure, you can post a resume and contact information on Monster, but you can’t post great pieces of art. That’s why art-specific job sites are great. Some charge for a fancy portfolio, but most let you create a portfolio for free that employers can easily view.


So I did a Google search, wondering if I would find anything. And up came this great blog entry, on a brand new site that I look forward to wasting my lunch hour browsing through.

Also a great site:

Creative Hotlist – the one I’ve been using for awhile. Create a portfolio, search by region. A Communication Arts website.