I’m not quite sure how to present this information. I am simply disturbed by an ad I found a while back. It was on a news site, but where it was found is irrelevant. The point is that this site is just another example in a long list of how pageant parents can completely lose it.

Pageant Photo Retouching

I’ll go ahead and wait a moment for you to browse the site and come back.

Now, I can understand adding a background to an image or fixing some flyaways…but my God. Who in the world would want their child to look so completely different in photos that they resemble porcelain dolls? I am baffled and completely disturbed by these images and the motives behind them. I’ll post a few of my favorite examples here:

ap_onlineMom: “Can you go ahead and add earrings? She would look so cute with earrings, but her father would kill me. Thank God for Photoshop! Oh, and she needs more hair for her age, don’t you think?”

Artist: “Oh I totally agree. We’ll get those eyes lined up too and pluck her eyebrows. She’s such a doll!”

bw_photo_for_digital_ba2Mom: “Basically, I just really love the outfit she’s wearing. I wish she had a hat, though. Can you fix everything else?

Artist: “Hmm, you’re right. I’ll see what I can do.”

hailey_digiMom: “Hate the flowers, eyebrows, eyes, lips and skin. And I think she looks a bit heavy, don’t you?”

Artist: “Oh definitely.”

I have absolutely no further comment.