I am so excited. I just found the perfect day job. One where I can drink as much as I want, doodle on a computer, yell at people for being stupid, and win big bucks!

It’s called CMYK – America’s Top Graphic Designer (TRADEMARKED), and it’s calling my name.

Seriously, I’m not quite sure what to think of this. I came to the site via SpeakUp, which both sums up and bashes the idea. The comments alone make me smile. And while I think the idea is good, it’s definitely not executed well. Just take a look at CMYK’s website: Pixelated logo, horrible logotype, weird background, no visual interest at all. I mean seriously, if you are going to promote this and you want people (especially designers) to take it seriously, wouldn’t you work pretty hard on the presentation of the idea? The worst thing you could do for this event–geared toward graphic designers–is create a bad website. That immediately deterred me from applying for this. 

However, it would be fun to at least “tryout.” I can’t imagine that any designer with any sort of self-respect would audition for this. So I am definitely in! All I need to do is answer the application questions honestly and to the best of my ability and show up drunk with some of my *fiercest* work.

The fact that “fiercest” is even a word frightens me. Though, I don’t think I’m skinny/emo/geeky/angry enough.