I am very excited to say that I will be out of town the next two days for interviews. I’ll be traveling north to the wonderful city of Indianapolis first, then making my way over to Cincinnati on Wednesday. The southern Ohio opportunity sprung up early this evening. I was asked if I was going to be in the area any time soon and, well, I will be. So instead of making Tuesday a very long day, I’ve booked a hotel room and am ready for a road trip.

I’m excited for the chance to see where I could potentially be working. It is always a struggle when you are applying for out-of-town jobs. I’ve had two phone interviews and only one has invited me to come see their office. The other I haven’t heard anything from. I talked about this with a former co-worker of mine over half-priced appetizers tonight. ($4.92 for a chicken finger basket.  That’s right. Be jealous.) 

We discussed our frustrations with employers not following up with potential employees. Of course it is understandable if you never get a call or an email about a job in the first place, but it is discouraging when you have a phone or live interview–and even follow up with a thank you–and never hear back. I understand that employers are busy, but it just seems professional to at least let someone know that you’ve gone in a different direction. It is part of human nature to hope and wish and want. But it takes effort to purposely ignore and forget someone.

Don’t get me wrong. This little itty bitty tirade has nothing to do with any of my experiences so far. But it is something that I think should be addressed. I would love some feedback on this topic from interviewers and interviewees. If you have an opinion or you can explain why this happens, please share.

But tomorrow. Tomorrow I will put on my shoes and get in my car (ship) and contemplate sealing wax as I head toward a new beginning.