I’ve been sniffing out Tumblr for the past few months, trying to decide whether or not to start my own account. Or in other words, trying to decide whether or not I need ANOTHER home on the web.

My decision is evident here. And this is why:

1. Writing a full-length blog entry takes a lot of time. And I don’t always have a lot to say. And what I have to say doesn’t always have to do with design. Tumblr allows me to write or repost short entries, saving me (writing) and you (reading) time.

2. It’s extremely easy to post things other than text. They have buttons for photo, video, link, quote and text posts. If all I want to do is show you a funny youtube video I found, then all I have to do is just that. No hassles.

3. I can integrate nearly everything. My tweets, vimeo videos and this blog included.

4. It’s simple. The designs are modern and simple and easily customizable. Plus there are tons of different themes to choose from.

5. I can update twitter straight from my site.

6. It has this great “Share on Tumblr” link that you can place in your bookmark bar. When clicked, it will repost whatever site you are on to your Tumblr. So you never have to copy a link again. 

I’m really excited about this. We’ll see how it all goes.