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It’s been 14 days since I started my daily365 project, and I’ve got to say that I am pretty darned proud of myself. A hidden goal within my resolutions this year was to finish everything I start. I’m tired of having great ideas and never following through on them. Having this goal of one picture + one sketch a day has formed a routine for me. It’s like clockwork now when I get home. Feed the dog, walk him, eat, take a picture of what I’ve sketched, edit the photos, post them, read, sleep. If you’re not following along, you should be (at least with Briggs).

Year of the Dinosaur

Sketch Fest 2010


ITC Officina Serif is officially a fantastic font. I just noticed today that the typeface I’ve been using on my resume is also the same one Allie’s been using on her photos. Great minds think alike, don’t they?

Anyway, I traveled to my hometown in Michigan for Christmas this past year. It was great to see my grandparents from Ohio and visit with my immediate family. There is nothing like a counter full of hors d’oeuvres on Christmas Eve and a ginormous basket of crescent rolls on Christmas day.

My mom got me a new wide-angle lens for my Nikon, so I took just a few photos and thought I’d share them.

My beautiful tree in my apartment.

My awesome snowman ornament.

Just a bit of the mess after opening presents.

My sister, Dani, stirring the creamed corn.

My mom's beautiful place settings, complete with a rooster hot pad.

Dani and Grandma, before dinner.

Grandma, trying to figure out our new Monopoly card game.

And Indy, because he's adorable.

In lieu of having a word of the week, Allie and I chose to work on our portraiture. She is taking classes and learning wonderful things, and I am taking pictures of myself…

We’ve decided to take a hiatus through the rest of the year, but we’ll be back in January. Happy holidays everyone!



bonhomie \bon-uh-mee, bon-uh-mee\

Frank and simple good-heartedness; a good-natured manner; friendliness; geniality.

This one is late because of me. I took a few days off to visit family in Knoxville and forgot my camera…



benison \běn’ĭ-zən, -sən\

a blessing; benediction

I have a story behind my photo this week. I wrote in a journal a few months ago about my dog, and I thought I would share the greatest blessing in my life so far. It may seem corny, but rest assured I am not one of those dog owners who dresses my dog up in ridiculous costumes and buys him gourmet dog treats. He eats Pedigree and has a blue collar. Moving on…

“The person I love most in this world isn’t even a person. His name is Indy. And he’s my dog.

I fell in love with him on one of my regular visits to the local animal shelter. There was a long row of dogs in large crates. All of them were barking and jumping and whining–save for one.

Back then his name was Frederick. He was at the very end of the row, lying on a ratty old pillow, staring at me with those big beautiful brown eyes. He looked exhausted, sad. I immediately fell in love.

I had always had a dog growing up, but that dog was never mine. She was my mother’s. And I didn’t mind much because my mother needed her most. But when I found Indy I had been looking for a best friend and companion. Someone who wouldn’t make me sad or depressed or any number of negative emotions. Someone who would always be excited to see me and someone who would help make my big empty bed a little more warm and cozy at night.

I knew immediately that I would be adopting that dog–and changing his name. When I came back we played in a small room. His shaggy fur is a beautiful sandy color. The tips of his paws are white, as is his chest and just one side of his muzzle. He has big floppy ears and large jowls he inherited from his spaniel ancestors. But those eyes could only belong to a retriever.

It was only when I took him home and found out how amazingly well house-trained he was and how lazy he could truly be that I knew he was the perfect dog. Granted, there were the initial first few weeks where I questioned whether or not I was truly ready for the responsibility. But even after all the chewing and general naughtyness, it was the moments lying on the couch together, or in bed, where he would flop against me and heave a great sigh where we both knew exactly who loved us and where we were meant to be–with each other.”



soporific \sop-uh-rif-ik\

1. causing or tending to cause sleep
2. pertaining to or characterized by sleep or sleepiness; sleepy; drowsy.

3. something that causes sleep, as a medicine or drug.






sommelier \suhm-uhl-yeys\

1. A restaurant employee who orders and maintains the wines sold in the restaurant and usually has extensive knowledge about wine and food pairings.

Sorry this is so late this week. It’s been crazy!