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Have you ever sat down with a group of friends and chatted for awhile, and then someone stops the conversation and asks “how did we end up talking about this?” And THEN all of you think back to the string of thoughts that brought you from the beginning of your conversation to the present? 

It happens to me a lot. And that’s why I love/hate YouTube. (Please be patient, this post may take awhile to load.)

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Listen to the podcast here.

I just listened to a great NPR podcast with Steve Heller about what campaign materials say about candidates. Steve says these pieces say more about who is making the materials versus whose name is on them. But wouldn’t they also say which candidate has a better eye for design? Maybe, maybe not. I don’t know enough about campaigns to know who really has the last say in a candidate’s design. Though I’ve been looking for a great excuse to talk about how much I love Obama’s logo. And this is it.

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My good friend Allie Osmar interviewed me a while back for her blog/website at This podcast discusses the advantages and disadvantages of working in a large corporate environment vs. a small design firm. I’m not sure I make complete sense while talking, and I think I could have said “um” and “uh” a little more, but you should check it out anyway.