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I chose to be by myself tonight. I had no desire to go out and party. I’ve been traveling and recovering from a stomach virus for the past week. Alcohol and loud music and lots of people just didn’t sound like my idea of fun. So I decided to stay in and reflect about this past year and the year to come.

And since I’m having a hard time staying awake (I only have 33 minutes to go), I thought I’d write a bit.

This year was rough. I lost my job in February, moved on to a new job and a new home in March. I basically stopped blogging then because I was so busy with work. And as I look back on this I completely regret it. I started this blog to keep me in line. To keep up with the world of design and remain a student in my field. While my new job has taught me many things, I feel I have lost a bit of my creative soul. So 2010 I’m going to gain it back. My only resolution is to be more creative.

My drawing professor in college told us one thing that none of us took very seriously at the time: “Draw every day.” I’m finally going to take him up on this. I went to Borders this evening and purchased 6 blank Moleskin notebooks. Each has 64 pages. I didn’t have a calculator on me and I’m terrible at math but I figured that would be enough to start. I’ll do my best to post every day’s sketch on my tumblr site.

But that’s not all. I want to become a better photographer. I’m saving up for a new camera (if anyone wants a Nikon D50 let me know) and an iMac (so I also have a MacBook for sale as well). I’ll be taking a picture every day too of my brontosaurus friend (found here), though I need to find a name for him…

I’ll also be writing more hand-written letters. I have a good friend who sends me a notecard or a letter every so often, and it’s about time I return the favor. To her and others.

As for this blog, I’m going to do my best to keep it up. I need to read more design books (I have about a million on my shelves) and report back on them and the design world in general.

I know making my self sketch every single day and take a photo of a small plastic dinosaur every single day is actually a huge undertaking, but I’m incredibly excited about the possibilities and where these projects will lead me.

Happy 2010 to you and yours.


Part of Scott Kellum's beautiful portfolio.

Second in my series is all about the portfolio. This is definitely an area that I am still learning about and I can only give you basic advice on what to do and not do. A few things to think about before you even start to put yours together:

01] How do you want to sell yourself? You may have had classes in just about every area of art, but what are your strengths and what kind of job are you going after? A potential art director may or may not care about your printmaking experience. 

02] Are you planning on showing your personality through your work? This is an interesting aspect of the portfolio that I haven’t ever addressed myself. Your personality can be shown through your actual pieces and also how the pieces are presented. My current art director spent countless hours on a beautiful style guide for his portfolio, which included custom boards that sit in their own tin. You can spend $50 on a black, zippered case like me and plop work in (because you don’t have time, money, ideas, etc.), and you can also make your portfolio unique. If you go the second route, make sure you are able to justify why you did what you did. Read the rest of this entry »

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Last week I had the privilege of being a part of an interview team here at work. I got to sit in while a recent graduate showed her work and answered our questions. I was so pumped from the experience that I’ve decided to write a three-part series about what I’ve learned just from my short time as an interviewer. Granted, my insights are purely mine and may not reflect the other talented individuals in my field. Feel free to edit/add to this advice as you see fit.

Part I in the series is The Resume. This is what gets you in the door. I’ve written a bit on this subject before, but I wanted to get a little more detailed and list the DOs and DON’Ts of creating a resume. Keep in mind this list is for mostly for recent graduates, but experienced professionals need to remember a few of these bits as well. Read the rest of this entry »


Last week I worked some pretty late nights. Monday I came home from work at 1 AM, Wednesday it was 4AM. They were the first few nights I’ve worked late at a job in my long history of working in this business. I’ve always heard stories about how designers work until all hours of the night and now I can say that I’ve fully experienced what that’s like. I can sum this up in two words: not bad.

Granted, I work at a really awesome place with a great boss who has the greatest music ever (i.e. Muppets and William Shatner), so my experience might be different from others. I’m pretty tired this morning (as I usually put myself to bed by 9:45) but I feel as though I’ve completed some sort of rite of passage by working late. But I digress.

Read the rest of this entry »


What IS this!?

Well, I made it to Arkansas and am once again employed. This place makes me very happy and I am honestly excited (despite my comment in my last post) to start writing about design again. So without further ado:

The other day I went to Apple’s website to see what was new. I was a bit shocked to see they’ve come out with a new Shuffle. Even more shocked that they changed it so much. And though I don’t own one and haven’t tried it out, I would still like to relay my first impressions. Read the rest of this entry »

impossible_is_nothingMy good friend Allie over at The Creative Career had a post earlier last year talking about how you can make your resume stand out by adding an interactive element to it. Creating a website, for example, is great for any creative to have a place where all your work, information and thoughts can reside. I’m always reading Allie’s blog and comments, and I found something interesting about a week ago on someone’s site who had commented on one of Allie’s entries – a video resume. Read the rest of this entry »


I am so excited. I just found the perfect day job. One where I can drink as much as I want, doodle on a computer, yell at people for being stupid, and win big bucks!

It’s called CMYK – America’s Top Graphic Designer (TRADEMARKED), and it’s calling my name. Read the rest of this entry »

I can’t possibly go on without telling you about the most amazing book I’ve ever owned. “The Art of Looking Sideways” is about Alan Fletcher challenging everything you’ve ever thought about. It uses both sides of the brain, appealing to both the visual and textual learner. I can’t possibly describe what it is about, because it’s about so much. Mr. Fletcher himself discusses his book here. It’s the perfect coffee table book, because you can pick it up, read one page, put it down and start an amazing conversation. It’s a graphic designer’s/quote hoarder’s/useless information gatherer’s/philosopher’s dream, laid out in over 1000 pages. Read the rest of this entry »

I am currently in limbo. I have a job, but it’s unstable. The economy is affecting everyone these days, including designers. We’re running low on work and it’s incredibly difficult to keep up with our daily billable goals. So I’m in the process of looking at my other options. I have to admit that I really am excited about the prospect of a new career. Something new, something different. However, I’m being thrown back into this vast ocean filled with new and experienced sharks. I feel lucky to have two great jobs under my belt, but there is more to getting a job than experience. Namely, your first impression. Read the rest of this entry »