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I can’t possibly go on without telling you about the most amazing book I’ve ever owned. “The Art of Looking Sideways” is about Alan Fletcher challenging everything you’ve ever thought about. It uses both sides of the brain, appealing to both the visual and textual learner. I can’t possibly describe what it is about, because it’s about so much. Mr. Fletcher himself discusses his book here.┬áIt’s the perfect coffee table book, because you can pick it up, read one page, put it down and start an amazing conversation. It’s a graphic designer’s/quote hoarder’s/useless information gatherer’s/philosopher’s dream, laid out in over 1000 pages. Read the rest of this entry »


I am currently in limbo. I have a job, but it’s unstable. The economy is affecting everyone these days, including designers. We’re running low on work and it’s incredibly difficult to keep up with our daily billable goals. So I’m in the process of looking at my other options. I have to admit that I really am excited about the prospect of a new career. Something new, something different. However, I’m being thrown back into this vast ocean filled with new and experienced sharks. I feel lucky to have two great jobs under my belt, but there is more to getting a job than experience. Namely, your first impression. Read the rest of this entry »