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One of the hardest parts about graduating is that after four years of having these amazing, expensive programs at your fingertips…you’re thrown out into the real world empty-handed. Some of us find the money for everything we need, and others find more creative solutions. Either way, most of us can’t have every single program we’ve ever wanted.

One program I used in college and miss a lot is Adobe Flash. It was nothing like what I had worked with before. I was used to creating flat, static art. Our biggest assignment for the program was to create a greeting card. I was thoroughly impressed with my own genius of combining a national holiday with my love of pirates.

The animation has been lost until now. We’ve purchased Flash here at work and finally, after three years, I am able to share this wonderful, albeit amateur, attempt at an electronic greeting card.

(You may have to watch it a few times to catch everything. And the fonts weren’t able to load in Flash when we exported it. But you get the idea.)

Music: Two Hornpipes (Tortuga) Hans Zimmer; Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest soundtrack


I’ve been hesitant to give away this secret, but I couldn’t help myself. I learned this technique for transferring ink in college, and a friend and I were curious to see if it worked on t-shirts. And a new DIY enterprise was born…

Care instructions:

You need heat to set the design. I use a hair dryer. Wash it inside out the first few times. The design will naturally fade a bit, but setting it in the sun or with a hair dryer will help.

I hope you all enjoyed this. Please leave a comment and let me see your designs!

Wintergreen Oil


Last week I worked some pretty late nights. Monday I came home from work at 1 AM, Wednesday it was 4AM. They were the first few nights I’ve worked late at a job in my long history of working in this business. I’ve always heard stories about how designers work until all hours of the night and now I can say that I’ve fully experienced what that’s like. I can sum this up in two words: not bad.

Granted, I work at a really awesome place with a great boss who has the greatest music ever (i.e. Muppets and William Shatner), so my experience might be different from others. I’m pretty tired this morning (as I usually put myself to bed by 9:45) but I feel as though I’ve completed some sort of rite of passage by working late. But I digress.

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Courtesy of Earth Hour's Flickr Group

Courtesy of Earth Hour's Flickr Group

A friend of mine brought to my attention that Earth Hour is tonight. Something I have always planned to do and am now really going to follow through. So needless to say I was grateful for the reminder. So tonight at 830 PM central time, my husband and I will be turning off our lights. We’ll light candles around the house and play cards or read or (I really wish) take a nap.

While researching any sort of event (movie, inauguration, food-eating contest), I always go to the “Downloads” section of the event’s website to see what sort of design they are letting the people have. I was not disappointed when I went to Earth Hour’s home on the web. Read the rest of this entry »

zionI have a new pro-bono project at work for the wonderful folks over at March of Dimes. It’s for their Signature Chef’s Auction, held every year at the beginning of November. The best chefs around the Knoxville area come together to cook their most original, delicious meals. And anyone willing to pay the price for a ticket gets to eat it all. I went last year after doing all of their collateral and it was an absolute blast. If you’re in the area, I highly suggest you go. 

Moving on…

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impossible_is_nothingMy good friend Allie over at The Creative Career had a post earlier last year talking about how you can make your resume stand out by adding an interactive element to it. Creating a website, for example, is great for any creative to have a place where all your work, information and thoughts can reside. I’m always reading Allie’s blog and comments, and I found something interesting about a week ago on someone’s site who had commented on one of Allie’s entries – a video resume. Read the rest of this entry »


I am so excited. I just found the perfect day job. One where I can drink as much as I want, doodle on a computer, yell at people for being stupid, and win big bucks!

It’s called CMYK – America’s Top Graphic Designer (TRADEMARKED), and it’s calling my name. Read the rest of this entry »