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I can’t help it. I’m in love with movies. I quote them continuously and can never pick a favorite. I’ll try to watch anything once, but I don’t like watching comedies in the theatre. I mean, what’s all that surround sound for if not for epics and action? Read the rest of this entry »

I came across this amazing site yesterday, through my favorite monthly magazine, Skirt. Art House Co-op in Atlanta is a brilliant place run by two artists who wanted art to be appreciated-and made-by everyone. For a small entry fee of anywhere from $13-$16, they send you materials for different projects. You complete the project, send it back, and they display it (sometimes even nationwide). 

I’m currently enrolled in “the canvas project” and “stuff your stories in a sack”. I can’t convey how excited I am about this. Finally a chance to get back in to self-expression and my own art. And deadlines, too! I have to make myself create art.

This is a great outlet for artists who wish to get back into the art scene without having to go through judges and competitions. Community art is what brings art to the people. Everyone can paint a canvas or fill a sack. That’s the beauty of this field, and the beauty of what Art House Co-op is.

I came across the great website this morning – Fresh Creative. Not only is their work wonderful to look at (with some great event collateral and print advertising), but they have a great newsletter/blog as well. Their most recent entry focuses on the elements of a good brand. And they use a great example – FedEx.

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I said in my first blog that I intend to find art in everything, in every discipline. I’ve found a great example. It’s been known that mathematically you cannot fold a piece of paper in half more than 7 or 8 times. It is so baffling to imagine this, as a piece of paper has infinite halves, as does most everything else. You should definitely try this experiment yourself. It helps you understand paper and math all at once. I got to 8 yesterday with an insert from a poster frame. A co-worker and I came to understand that how many times you can fold paper depends on the thickness (which we also came to realize we should have realized sooner, being graphic designers and all). Read the rest of this entry »

I’ve seen these billboards all around town for the past couple of weeks. There is a large closed eye on the left and the script “open your eyes” on the right. They are just there, and that is all that is on them. And I wondered, “what sort of religious shenanigans be these?” Because a while back, they had the infamous Franklin Graham festival, which had, actually, very well-designed billboards. Though they contained messages like “There is a hell.” Uplifting, no? 

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Listen to the podcast here.

I just listened to a great NPR podcast with Steve Heller about what campaign materials say about candidates. Steve says these pieces say more about who is making the materials versus whose name is on them. But wouldn’t they also say which candidate has a better eye for design? Maybe, maybe not. I don’t know enough about campaigns to know who really has the last say in a candidate’s design. Though I’ve been looking for a great excuse to talk about how much I love Obama’s logo. And this is it.

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So I absolutely must pimp my friend Mary’s artwork.   Read the rest of this entry »

I have to admit that I am addicted to the Sunday ads. Those great big bundles of joy just bursting with savings. I can’t help but be drawn to this week’s deals. And I am particularly fond of looking at the well-designed ones. Target is always clean and simple. They don’t bombard you with everything they can possibly carry in their stores. And they display their ads at the front of their stores, so you can be reminded of what you remembered that you absolutely had to have.

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This blog is going to be a nice mess of different things, ideas and discussions.  I want to find art in everything and make others realize that the world needs art and design.  Math, science, government, writing, psychology – every possible subject in the world deals with some form of design.  And in this blog I intend to bring that art into existence and look critically at its creation, use, impression, etc.  This blog is merely a conversation starter – between designers, moneymakers, students, critics and more.  Feel free to comment on anything relevant.  Don’t fight too rough, but don’t be a wuss either.  I want to hear what you have to say.

I’ve been looking for something to start my first blog post with.  While this doesn’t affect anyone but Tennessee residents, I feel I need to lay this out there because it does affect our budget and the state of highways across America.   Read the rest of this entry »