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I can’t possibly go on without telling you about the most amazing book I’ve ever owned. “The Art of Looking Sideways” is about Alan Fletcher challenging everything you’ve ever thought about. It uses both sides of the brain, appealing to both the visual and textual learner. I can’t possibly describe what it is about, because it’s about so much. Mr. Fletcher himself discusses his book here. It’s the perfect coffee table book, because you can pick it up, read one page, put it down and start an amazing conversation. It’s a graphic designer’s/quote hoarder’s/useless information gatherer’s/philosopher’s dream, laid out in over 1000 pages. Read the rest of this entry »


The Grand Unified Theory of Nothing: Design, the Cult of Science, and the Lure of Big Ideas.

I have to admit that I have always been one that strives for deeper meaning in my work. I want my designs to have an impact on the viewer. Challenge their perceptions and make them think critically about my art and the world around them. I should have understood better when I was told my designs were too conceptual to be picked during my junior year Visual Communications class. I was so angry at the time. I didn’t want to assume the average person was as “stupid” as my teachers told me to think they were. I had more faith in the human mind.

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This entry begins my book discussion series. I have recently bought a few design books and I’m finally going to sit down and take a critical look at my field. These entries will deal with the issues in these books and hopefully strike discussion among those who design and who look at design. 

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