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milieu \meel-YUH; meel-YOO\

1. Environment; setting.





I’ve seen these billboards all around town for the past couple of weeks. There is a large closed eye on the left and the script “open your eyes” on the right. They are just there, and that is all that is on them. And I wondered, “what sort of religious shenanigans be these?” Because a while back, they had the infamous Franklin Graham festival, which had, actually, very well-designed billboards. Though they contained messages like “There is a hell.” Uplifting, no? 

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This blog is going to be a nice mess of different things, ideas and discussions.  I want to find art in everything and make others realize that the world needs art and design.  Math, science, government, writing, psychology – every possible subject in the world deals with some form of design.  And in this blog I intend to bring that art into existence and look critically at its creation, use, impression, etc.  This blog is merely a conversation starter – between designers, moneymakers, students, critics and more.  Feel free to comment on anything relevant.  Don’t fight too rough, but don’t be a wuss either.  I want to hear what you have to say.

I’ve been looking for something to start my first blog post with.  While this doesn’t affect anyone but Tennessee residents, I feel I need to lay this out there because it does affect our budget and the state of highways across America.   Read the rest of this entry »