Day 5. For not having a job, this week has sure been busy. I’ve been glued to my gmail account all week and it’s become an obsession that I’m okay with. But on to updates:

That Tire/Battery Installer job: Turns out it was an awesome experience. I arrived early, entered the shop, and the guy at the counter asked “How can I help you, ma’am?” I told him I was there for an interview, and the man literally laughed in my face. But did I get discouraged? No sir. He said he would go back and tell the boss his 11 o’clock was here. So I wandered around the store, looking at batteries, wipers, fluids…all manner of thing of which I had no clue about.

As I’m walking around, I hear a group of men laughing in a back corner. A few of them say “Are you kidding me?” like they are really upset. I turn and they are all staring at me. I smile and ignore the laughs and snide remarks. I’m thinking, “say and think whatever you want, boys, but I am awesome.” Kind of a sticks-and-stones thing.

So finally, after 20 or so minutes, Gary calls me into his office. He shakes my hand like a girl. Or he was afraid to shake my hand because I’m a girl–I can’t tell which. Either way it’s a little creepy. But as it turns out, Gary is one of the most fun people I’ve ever met. He asked me a few questions and told me a little about the job, but this is the coolest part: When he saw I was a graphic designer, he asked me if I’ve heard of SCAD. (Really, who in my field hasn’t?) When I said yes, he told me his daughter graduated from there with a BFA in graphic design.

…FOR SERIAL!? What are the odds? It was absolutely insane. So I’m thinking, “Okay God, very funny. Where is this leading?” Gary tells me he is the Sauce King of Savannah and gives me his web address and his daughters’ company’s web address. I come out of this meeting completely charged up. I go home and two things happen:

01] I write an email to Gary’s daughter telling her this amazing story and letting her know that if she needs any help to give me a call. Then she writes back saying she always needs help and is extremely nice and will let me know when something comes up. Sweet, new contact. 

02] I get another email from a company in Arkansas that would like me to participate in a phone interview.

I am so excited I can hardly contain myself. Especially after learning my husband and I are going to get money back from our taxes later that evening. 

So Wednesday I call the wonderful people in Omaha that I had a phone interview with last week and they said they will let me know by today (Friday). I’m speaking with the Arkansas people today in about two hours and then I am driving to Indianapolis on Tuesday for a live interview with a great company up there.

Experiencing all of this I’ve decided that Craigslist is not the best resource for finding a design job. I’ve been applying to jobs listed on this site for months and have gotten just one email back so far. The others have come from creativehotlist. This site (as I think I’ve mentioned before) has amazing opportunities listed on it and the employers who post there are quick to respond (if they like you, of course). I feel amazingly lucky/blessed/whatever to have these opportunities ahead of me. We’ll see how things go in the next week.

NOTE: One day I will learn to either write in just past or just present tense. My apologies.