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It’s been 14 days since I started my daily365 project, and I’ve got to say that I am pretty darned proud of myself. A hidden goal within my resolutions this year was to finish everything I start. I’m tired of having great ideas and never following through on them. Having this goal of one picture + one sketch a day has formed a routine for me. It’s like clockwork now when I get home. Feed the dog, walk him, eat, take a picture of what I’ve sketched, edit the photos, post them, read, sleep. If you’re not following along, you should be (at least with Briggs).

Year of the Dinosaur

Sketch Fest 2010

ITC Officina Serif is officially a fantastic font. I just noticed today that the typeface I’ve been using on my resume is also the same one Allie’s been using on her photos. Great minds think alike, don’t they?

Anyway, I traveled to my hometown in Michigan for Christmas this past year. It was great to see my grandparents from Ohio and visit with my immediate family. There is nothing like a counter full of hors d’oeuvres on Christmas Eve and a ginormous basket of crescent rolls on Christmas day.

My mom got me a new wide-angle lens for my Nikon, so I took just a few photos and thought I’d share them.

My beautiful tree in my apartment.

My awesome snowman ornament.

Just a bit of the mess after opening presents.

My sister, Dani, stirring the creamed corn.

My mom's beautiful place settings, complete with a rooster hot pad.

Dani and Grandma, before dinner.

Grandma, trying to figure out our new Monopoly card game.

And Indy, because he's adorable.

I chose to be by myself tonight. I had no desire to go out and party. I’ve been traveling and recovering from a stomach virus for the past week. Alcohol and loud music and lots of people just didn’t sound like my idea of fun. So I decided to stay in and reflect about this past year and the year to come.

And since I’m having a hard time staying awake (I only have 33 minutes to go), I thought I’d write a bit.

This year was rough. I lost my job in February, moved on to a new job and a new home in March. I basically stopped blogging then because I was so busy with work. And as I look back on this I completely regret it. I started this blog to keep me in line. To keep up with the world of design and remain a student in my field. While my new job has taught me many things, I feel I have lost a bit of my creative soul. So 2010 I’m going to gain it back. My only resolution is to be more creative.

My drawing professor in college told us one thing that none of us took very seriously at the time: “Draw every day.” I’m finally going to take him up on this. I went to Borders this evening and purchased 6 blank Moleskin notebooks. Each has 64 pages. I didn’t have a calculator on me and I’m terrible at math but I figured that would be enough to start. I’ll do my best to post every day’s sketch on my tumblr site.

But that’s not all. I want to become a better photographer. I’m saving up for a new camera (if anyone wants a Nikon D50 let me know) and an iMac (so I also have a MacBook for sale as well). I’ll be taking a picture every day too of my brontosaurus friend (found here), though I need to find a name for him…

I’ll also be writing more hand-written letters. I have a good friend who sends me a notecard or a letter every so often, and it’s about time I return the favor. To her and others.

As for this blog, I’m going to do my best to keep it up. I need to read more design books (I have about a million on my shelves) and report back on them and the design world in general.

I know making my self sketch every single day and take a photo of a small plastic dinosaur every single day is actually a huge undertaking, but I’m incredibly excited about the possibilities and where these projects will lead me.

Happy 2010 to you and yours.


Patiently waiting for his afternoon walk, Indy gazes outside from his spot against the couch.

Patiently waiting for his afternoon walk, Indy gazes outside from his spot against the couch.

I know you are all eagerly anticipating my next adventure, but I thought I would take a small break and share with you a photo. I’d like to do this more often and hopefully will follow through. Enjoy.