ITC Officina Serif is officially a fantastic font. I just noticed today that the typeface I’ve been using on my resume is also the same one Allie’s been using on her photos. Great minds think alike, don’t they?

Anyway, I traveled to my hometown in Michigan for Christmas this past year. It was great to see my grandparents from Ohio and visit with my immediate family. There is nothing like a counter full of hors d’oeuvres on Christmas Eve and a ginormous basket of crescent rolls on Christmas day.

My mom got me a new wide-angle lens for my Nikon, so I took just a few photos and thought I’d share them.

My beautiful tree in my apartment.

My awesome snowman ornament.

Just a bit of the mess after opening presents.

My sister, Dani, stirring the creamed corn.

My mom's beautiful place settings, complete with a rooster hot pad.

Dani and Grandma, before dinner.

Grandma, trying to figure out our new Monopoly card game.

And Indy, because he's adorable.