I’ve been thinking (again) about getting a tattoo. I decided to look for inspiration around the internet and found a great gallery over at Inked, the online site for the magazine. I’m the kind of person who isn’t impressed with colorful and intricate coy fish on your arm, nor do I care about a flaming skull covering your entire back. I want to be impressed with your tattoo. What did you do that is different? The tattoos in this post have made an impression on me because of the techniques used and their interaction with the body (something I will strive for if I ever get a tattoo).meaganstattoobybretcopy_1224349470

I am a sucker for anything with that much detail and symmetry. The steadiness it had to take to get those lines that perfect and thin had to have been crazy amazing.


Interesting way to place text on your body.


This one caught my eye because of everything else around it. All this guy’s tattoos are two-dimensional. Then BAM! You almost think there is a giant spider crawling across his body. Very impressive.


ESCHER! Now THAT is cool. Every time you look at this guy from the back, you see yourself as an old man. What does that say about life? Art?


This is literally the most amazing tattoo I’ve ever seen in my life. I’ve seen lots of underneath-the-skin-tattoos (see above with the text), but nothing like this. It is the most realistic ripping of the skin ever. Props to this artist for making the coolest tattoo on the freaking planet. And props to the canvas.

And as a last note, this:


Wrong in so many ways. But awesome nonetheless.